Are Senior Living Costs Covered by Long-term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance coverage for senior living

Are Senior Living Costs Covered by Long-term Care Insurance?

When making retirement plans, make sure to consider your care options. Long-term care expenses are typically not covered by health insurance policies and can be covered by long-term care insurance.

If you are a senior citizen, have a disability or a chronic illness requiring constant supervision, or need personal or adult day care, long-term care insurance will pay for the related medical expenses.

What Is Covered by Long-Term Care Insurance?

Contrary to health insurance plans which only pay for medical expenses, long-term care insurance pays for the custodial and personal care you might need if you have a chronic illness, a disability or are simply too old to care for yourself. This service is available in hospice care, a nursing home, or even the convenience of your own home. It’s also important to note that long-term care insurance also provides coverage for temporary or respite care.

Does Medicare Pay for These Benefits?

It’s important to remember that Medicare only covers medical expenses and does not cover any form of assisted living.

Nonetheless, Medicare may also cover short-term stays in nursing facilities if:

  • You are recovering from an acute medical condition, such as a heart attack or stroke,
  • You need physical or occupational therapy after an injury or surgery or need intravenous medications, such as after a severe infection or prolonged illness.

Very limited home health care services, such as part-time skilled nursing care, hands-on care, physical and occupational therapy, may be covered by Medicare. Custodial care, which includes assistance with mobility, like getting in and out of bed, is expressly excluded from Medicare coverage.

Does Assisted Living Fall Under Long-Term Care Insurance?

Yes, long-term care insurance does include coverage for assisted living. It’s a good idea to inform the assisted living facility where you plan to live about the policy to ensure that your needs will be met when you most need them.

Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cover In-Home Care?

Yes, a long-term care insurance policy will cover in-home care. In fact, this policy is specifically intended to assist in covering the costs of custodial care, which typically includes daily personal care services like bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and receiving assistance with mobility in addition to professional nursing care, occupational therapy, or rehabilitation. However, it’s crucial to remember that the policy will not cover in-home care services if a family member provides them. Another thing to remember is that, depending on the insurer, your policy may or may not cover things like housekeeping and home maintenance. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer this coverage.

Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cover Memory Care?

Long-term care insurance will cover the costs of daily personal care and custodial care for a person with memory impairment but not the resulting medical expenses. Therefore, any assistance from a medical professional, a qualified nurse, or the cost of a hospital stay may not be covered.

Does Independent Living Fall Under Long-Term Care Insurance?

Your long-term care insurance won’t cover your bills if you can live independently. However, if you require non-medical long-term care due to old age at some point, you can procure coverage for personal care from the policy. Your policy will also kick in if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness or disability.

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