Will My Car Insurance Offer Coverage for Mechanical Problems?

Does car insurance cover mechanical issues

Will My Car Insurance Offer Coverage for Mechanical Problems?

Car insurance will only cover mechanical problems resulting from covered perils (accidents and collisions), provided you have comprehensive and collision coverages. If you don’t have these coverages, you can buy a separate mechanical breakdown insurance policy to stay covered against all types of mechanical problems, including breakdowns, engine failures, etc.

Read on to learn more about how car insurance works for mechanical problems.

When Does and Doesn’t Car Insurance Cover Mechanical Problems?

  • Car Accident

    Your car insurance provides coverage for mechanical problems, such as damage to the transmission, engine, or mechanical parts caused by accident involving your vehicle.

    If another driver is responsible for the damage, their liability coverage will pay for the repairs. If it is your fault and you have collision coverage, you can file a claim.

  • Collision with a Deer

    If your car sustained mechanical failures after hitting a deer, your comprehensive coverage would pay for the damages or repairs.

  • Car Breakdowns

    Your car insurance will not cover breakdowns caused by uncovered perils. However, your car’s warranty may help cover some parts for a specific period. Otherwise, you can buy a mechanical breakdown policy for extensive protection against breakdowns.

  • Engine Failure Following a Crash

    Your car insurance will cover engine failure if it is caused after an accident. Otherwise, you have to pay out of pocket for the damage.

Is Engine Failure/Damage Covered by Full Coverage Insurance?

Full coverage is an unofficial term that often refers to having the minimum liability coverage as per your state requirements with collision and comprehensive coverages. No matter whether you carry minimum or maximum auto insurance coverage, a blown or damaged engine resulting from an uncovered incident will not be covered. This is where mechanical breakdown insurance can come to your rescue, covering all types of engine damages.

Won’t My Car Insurance Cover Wear and Tear?

Auto insurance, mechanical breakdown insurance, or your manufacturer’s warranty (in most cases) will not cover wear and tear. Generally, you will need to pay out of pocket for replacing worn-down spare parts.

Does My Warranty Cover Mechanical Repairs?

Your car’s warranty will likely last for 3-6 years and may have different coverage periods for different spares. In this case, review your warranty to ensure whether or not it covers the particular mechanical damage. Your warranty will not pay for the damage if you customize your car, fail to maintain your car, or damage its parts. Especially, your entire warranty will be voided if you modify your vehicle.

A mechanical breakdown insurance policy can be a comprehensive and affordable alternative to your manufacturer’s warranty. In this case, you can consider purchasing it to stay protected against mechanic failures and repairs.

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