Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During Summer Heat

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During Summer Heat

Dog paw on human handsWhile you may be feeling uncomfortable during the extreme temperatures of summer, imagine how your pet must feel with their fur coat on? In order to keep your furry family member healthy and safe, you must follow the necessary safety precautions. Consider these helpful tips to avoid any tragic outcomes:

  • NEVER, EVER leave your pet in a parked car during the summer. Even a minute in a hot car can cause permanent damage. Temperatures double inside a hot car and your pet should never be left in the car, even if you leave the air conditioner on. Many animal lovers are taking measures into their own hands and breaking the windows of cars with pets inside.
  • Both temperature and humidity are key factors of dangerous weather conditions for our furry friends. Be sure to check both levels to ensure safe conditions for your pet.
  • While your pet may become restless during the summer heat, it is especially important that you limit their exercise on hot days.
  • While you may think turning on a fan for your dog to relax in will help them, it doesn’t. Animals respond to heat in a unique way and will not be cooled off as well with a fan.
  • Provide ample shade for your pet whenever they are outside. They need protection from the sun. You will always want to have fresh water both inside your house and outside so it is available as they need at all times.
  • Most importantly, be aware of the signs of heatstroke and exhaustion and respond accordingly. Bring your pet to an emergency vet if they are acting out of the ordinary.

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