Office Ergonomics: The Pros & Cons of Desk Chair Alternatives

Office Ergonomics: The Pros & Cons of Desk Chair Alternatives

Should you invest in ergonomic office chairs?

Office life is largely sedentary. You sit at a computer all day long, after all. However, it’s recently been reported that sitting is one of the worst things that you can do for your body. Since then, offices have gotten creative with their seating arrangements. Office ergonomics have grown to include everything from exercise balls to standing desk. But, are these innovations actually better for you? Check out the costs and benefits of these popular office ergonomic trends.

The Exercise Ball.

Exercise balls have infiltrated offices around the country as alternatives to desk chairs. Although they’re great to use to exercise, they don’t make good office chairs. They engage your core and strengthen your back muscles, but a full day of sitting without back support can seriously injure your back. Extended use of an exercise ball in place of a chair can compress the discs in your back. Avoid the exercise ball altogether or try alternating between a regular chair and an exercise ball throughout the day.

Standing Desks.

Another alternative to sitting at your desk is standing. Standing desks have also become a staple in offices across the US. However, they’re not always everything they’re cracked up to be. While it’s not good to sit all day, it’s not necessarily good to stand all day either. Standing for extended periods of time can put stress on your joints and can reduce circulation in your body. If you do choose to use a standing desk, ensure that you’re using it properly. You should be able to stand with your shoulders relaxed, work at elbow level with straight wrists and good posture. Try alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Your best bet is an ergonomically designed desk chair that’s tailored to your height. Put your health first in the workplace and get the right chairs for your desk. The professionals at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage can help you with all your insurance needs! Located in Garden City, New York, contact us for more information.

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