Take Control of Your Auto Insurance Premium Now!

Take Control of Your Auto Insurance Premium Now!

auto insurance policyDespite popular belief, you are in control of your insurance premium price. There are many lifestyle habits that factor into the price of your premium that you can choose to take control of. Rather than sitting around complaining that your insurance provider has boosted your premium for no reason, take these 5 tips into consideration to be in the driver’s seat of both your car, and your auto insurance policy:

  1. If you recently bought a new car, your insurance premium is going to increase, no matter what. Purchasing a new car that’s value is higher than your older car, will immediately boost your premium because you now take on higher risks that will cost more to repair or replace. Before purchasing a new car, contact your insurance provider so you don’t receive any surprises on your next bill.
  2. If you recently got a new job that requires you to drive across New York, extending your commute, expect a premium increase. Not only will your time and fuel budget increase, but being on the road longer puts you at a greater risk for accidents, increasing your auto insurance premium.
  3. If you recently moved to a new zip code that has higher risks, expect a boost in your premium. If your car is more likely to be broken into or vandalized you have to expect an increase.
  4. If you are married with children, you are considered in a lesser risk category. If you are a young, single male without children, you take on more risks.
  5. Recent ticket or accident? Definitely expect a boost in your premium. Now that you’ve been in one accident, you are more likely to get in another accident, increasing your risks.

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