Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer With These Tips

Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer With These Tips

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Summer Pet Safety

As the temperatures continue to rise for summer, you may start feeling a little uncomfortable. While you can easily turn on your air conditioning to cool down, it is not as easy for your beloved pets. Knowing how to keep your pet safe in the summer heat can help to ensure that they are able to fully enjoy summer. Keep these summer pet safety tips in mind to look out for your four legged friend.

  • Never leave your pet in the car – if you are planning on running errands, it is best to leave your pet at home. The temperature inside your car can easily reach deadly temperatures in just a couple minutes, even with all the windows cracked. Do not leave your pet in the car for any length of time during the summer.
  • Limit exercise – while your dog may love going on long walks, you should avoid any exercise on hot days. If you still want to fit in a walk with your pooch, wake up a little earlier or go on late evening walks when the temperatures cool down.
  • Provide enough shade and water – make sure your pets have enough shade and water while they are outside. During a heat wave, you should also consider adding ice cubes to your pet’s water. Keep in mind that a dog house will make your dog even hotter during the summer, so put up a tarp to provide shade if you do not have trees.
  • Do not rely on fans – animals are not able to cool off the same way that humans are, which means fans will provide little to no relief during summer. Make sure your dogs have access to better ways to cool down.

All of us at Club Agency in Garden City, New York would like to encourage you to keep these pet safety tips in mind this summer.

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