Tips for Safe Car Shopping

Tips for Safe Car Shopping

Safe Car Shopping Garden City NY

Buying a car is a big investment! Make sure your new car is safe and look for these safety signs when buying a car!


The bigger your car, the safer you are! Fatal crashes are reported to occur more frequently when driving a smaller vehicle.


Know how your car handles on the road! Larger vehicles are more likely to roll over and sports cars tend lead to more accidents due to excessive speeds.

Structural Design.

Research the design of the car! Make sure that the car you’re interested in has a strong safety cage. The better the safety cage, the safer you are! Also, look for cars that have been designed to absorb crash force in the front and rear ends of the cars. They should be designed to bend reduce the force of an impact.

Seat Belts.

According to Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion, an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another force. In the event of a crash you’d go flying through the windshield if you didn’t have a seat belt! Make sure the car you’re considering has adequate safety features such as seat belts with shoulder and lap restraints, airbags, and head restraints.


Check to see if your new car has daytime running headlights! They make you more visible to other drivers, which keeps you safer.


Ensure that your new car has anti-lock brakes! Unlike locking brakes, anti-lock brakes help you maintain control of your vehicle when you use them. When wheels lock they have a tendency to make your vehicle skid. You won’t have to worry about that with anti-lock brakes, just be aware that you still need adequate time to slow down.

Crash Ratings.

Check your car’s crash rating to make sure that it’s a safe investment! The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers information about vehicle crashworthiness ratings. Check it out before you purchase your new vehicle!

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