Safely Enjoy Your Next Pool Party With These Tips

Safely Enjoy Your Next Pool Party With These Tips

Group Of Girls Jumping Into Outdoor Swimming Pool

Summer Pool Safety

If you have a backyard pool, chances are you are the most popular house on the block during summer. While jumping in your pool is a great way to cool down with all of your friends and family, it can also be a source of danger. Keep these pool safety tips in mind to ensure that you know how to stay safe while enjoying the water.

  • Always keep a close eye on children when they are playing in and around the pool. You should never be more than an arm’s reach away from small children when they are around the pool.
  • Teach your children about basic water safety, including never swimming alone and making sure that they have the right safety equipment.
  • Check all pool drains and drain covers before you allow anyone in the pool. If you find a broken or missing drain cover, make sure to replace it before anyone starts to enjoy the pool.
  • Keep your cell phone near you at all times while you are in the pool area to ensure that you can call for help if needed.
  • Take a CPR class to learn how to properly perform CPR on adults and children. You should update your skills at least once a year.
  • Install a self-locking fence that is at least four feet tall around your entire pool. Keep all tables, chairs, and any other items that children could climb on away from the fence.
  • If your pool is very close to your house, install a door alarm to alert you when anyone heads outside near the pool.

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