Happy International Children’s Day!

Happy International Children’s Day!

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International Children’s Day

Today is International Children’s Day, which helps to draw awareness to various children’s issues, including education, safety, human rights, and health care. Many children are honored throughout the world with special celebrations. International Children’s Day is authorized by the United National, which leads to the observance being highly influenced by each country’s customs and traditions.

International Children’s Day was first observed in 1950, although it was proclaimed as a day by the United Nations World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925. The holiday was not established until November 22, 1949 by the Women’s International Democratic Federation in Moscow.

All countries worldwide unanimously established the event by 1954. The creation of the event fell in line with the adoption of the United Nation of the Declaration of the Rights of Children on November 20, 1958. The purpose of the day is to help encourage all nations to institute a special holiday to promote reciprocal knowledge and exchange among children and initiate activities that are designed to support and benefit the welfare of the children all over the world.

Some of the most notable ways in which the day is used to celebrate human rights include:

Chile, which assigns the first Wednesday in October to be International Children’s Day, but they actually observe it on the second Sunday of August each year.

Brazil celebrates International Children’s Day on October 12th, where parents give children special gifts to celebrate.

All of us at Club Agency in Garden City, New York would like to encourage you and your family to celebrate International Children’s Day with your family!

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