Easy Holiday Theft Prevention Tips

Easy Holiday Theft Prevention Tips


Don’t let a thief ruin your holiday season by following these tips.

While the holiday season is meant to be filled with cheer, it is easy to get stressed out. As your days fill up with more and more tasks for the season, such as buying gifts and creating a holiday menu, it can be easy to make yourself vulnerable to a number of threats. Keep these holiday theft prevention tips in mind to help ensure that you are able to fully enjoy the season.

Avoiding Identity Theft

  • Order a copy of your credit report and look for any discrepancies that may be dropping your credit score.
  • Review all of your credit card statements as soon as you get them and dispute any issues that you find as soon as possible.
  • Leave your debit cards, checks, and cash at home while shopping. Only bring the credit card that you will be using.

Protect Your Packages

  • Do not keep any bags or boxes in plain sight in your vehicle. Thieves are more likely to break into your car if they see that there is something for them to take.
  • If you are having a package delivered to your house, try to be home to accept the package and bring it inside. Burglars have been known to snatch packages right off of front porches.

Safeguard Against Inventory Theft

  • Take the time to look at your business transactions each day during the holiday season.
  • Check your security system to ensure that your security cameras and review them every day, looking for any suspicious activity.
  • Before hiring any seasonal employees, conduct thorough background checks.

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