Avoid a Digital Social Faux Pas and Check Out These Emoji Etiquette Tips

Avoid a Digital Social Faux Pas and Check Out These Emoji Etiquette Tips

Emoji Etiquette Tips to Avoid a Digital Social Faux Pas Check out all you need to know about emoji etiquette.

From YOLO (you only live once) to FOMO (fear of missing out) to ICYMI (in case you missed it), modern society has become obsessed with abbreviating communication. Emojis, or digital images used to communicate emotions and ideas, have become an influential part of everyday communication. However, there are social rules when it comes to using emojis. Know when to use them and when to stick to plain old conversation. Check out these tips on how to adhere to proper emoji etiquette.

Hold Off with New Acquaintances.

When you just meet someone, hold off on using emojis. It may take a while for them to warm up to you and they may take offense to a particular emoji character. If you absolutely must use an emoji, stick to the basics. A simple smiley face should do the trick, but anything too involved is a bit too risky.

Tread Lightly at the Office.

Using emojis at the office is a fine line to walk. A workplace is usually a professional, formal environment, while emojis offer a casual outlet to bring a little fun to the office. However, using an inappropriate emoji could lead to trouble. Feel out the situation with your coworkers to see if you’re comfortable engaging in a more casual manner. But, always use appropriate characters. When it comes to interacting with your boss, don’t use emojis unless they use the casual emoji when conversing with you.

When in Doubt, Don’t Use It.  

If you ever have to think twice about whether or not you should use an emoji, don’t. Stick to a plain old conversation and avoid all doubt.

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