Why Do Startups Need Cyber Insurance?

cyber insurance for startups

Why Do Startups Need Cyber Insurance?

Starting a new business is exciting and can fill you with hopes for the future. Cyberattacks are becoming more common and can dash your hopes for a successful venture if you don’t take the proper precautions. One of the best ways to protect your business from internet scams is with a commercial insurance policy that covers specific types of risks. A large percentage of your company’s confidential data is stored online. It’s essential to purchase a policy that provides coverage against cyberattacks.


Credit Monitoring Services

Credit monitoring services are being included in insurance policies designed to protect against cyberattacks. Understanding how the dark web works is important when trying to monitor your credit and determine if there is any suspicious activity. Credit monitoring services can identify and remove your company’s confidential information from suspicious websites throughout the internet. It can identify new lines of credit and credit line increases, notifying you whenever changes are made.


Coverage for Legal Fees

Another benefit of having cyber insurance is that your legal fees are covered as part of your policy. If your company’s reputation has been damaged, lawyers will enter into the picture as they try to sort out the situation in court. This can lead to expensive attorney fees and court costs until the situation has been resolved. Having the right type of insurance means that your business won’t have to bear the financial weight of those fees. They will be absorbed by your insurance, allowing you to continue to operate your business.


Rebuild Your Reputation

Cyberattacks can cause extensive damage to your brand as well as your company’s reputation. You may need to hire a public relations company to come in and take over your branding so that it can be rebuilt and your company’s good name restored. Insuring your business against cyberattacks means providing you with the resources you need to clear away any negativity that has been associated with your business. Rebuilding your brand after a cyberattack is just as essential as recovering any financial losses you may have incurred through the attack.


Thorough Investigation

Once a cyberattack has occurred, an investigation normally follows. A thorough investigation can be expensive, depending on how extensive the damage is to your company. While much of the investigation may be performed by the authorities, other types of investigators may need to be hired to complete the process. Most startup businesses do not have the funds available to pay for these additional expenses, making it essential that an insurance policy is purchased to protect against these types of threats.


Recoup Financial Losses

In addition to the credit monitoring, investigations, and repairing your business’ reputation, you will also need help in recovering your financial losses. The lawyers that you hire will help in this aspect and will work diligently to ensure that all of the assets/funds you lost are returned. Without the ability to recover your losses, your company may not be able to survive.

The right insurance policy will ensure that your company has the resources it needs to work through a cyberattack and continue to progress. If you are concerned about your startup business, contact the experts at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage in Garden City, New York, today. We understand the importance of protecting new startup businesses from various types of cyberattacks and will help you get the coverage you need to protect your business.

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