What Your Child Needs To Know Before Heading Off To College

What Your Child Needs To Know Before Heading Off To College

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With the new school year come new back to school issues. While making sure that your children know how to properly budget their time to get their schoolwork done is important, you should also make sure that they know how to take care of their mental and physical wellbeing. Keep these tips in mind to help your teen have a successful school year.

  • Stress – with tests, classes, papers, and socializing, it is easy for all students to get stressed out during the school year. One of the best ways to fight stress at school is to get schoolwork done as it is assigned. Pushing off assignments may seem easy, but it can easily lead to much more stress.
  • Illness – getting sick is very common among college students. Without parents watching over their eating and sleeping habits, as well as living in close quarters, illness is very common on college campuses. Teach your children good hygiene skills and encourage them to visit the campus health center if they are not feeling their best.
  • Theft – there are also many outside factors to consider that can have harmful effects on your child while they are away at college, including theft. With roommates and friends coming in and out of dorm rooms, it is not uncommon for items to get stolen. Make sure that your child keeps all of their valuables in a secure location and password lock computers and cell phones.
  • Alcohol – college is usually the first time that teens are out on their own, which can lead to experimenting with alcohol. Talk with your children about all the dangers associated with drinking, including injury, academic problems, and even death.

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