Is Your Auto Insurance Updated for Fall?

Is Your Auto Insurance Updated for Fall?

Is Your Auto Insurance Updated for Fall?

Fall brings about its own set of driving dangers, make sure your auto insurance can cover you.

Fall can be a difficult time for car owners.  Between the traffic hazards that can increase your chances of an accident, to the vandalism that runs rampant on Halloween night, it’s important that your auto insurance is up to date.  Here are some of the risks that you should consider when updating your car insurance coverage this fall.

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings isn’t something most people worry about.  However, once it kicks in, the days get shorter and the nights get longer.  This means that your daily commute might now be in the dark.  The lack of light means reduced visibility, and this could increase your chances of an auto accident.  Even if you are extremely familiar with your route, it’s important to be vigilant as you drive.

Fallen Leaves

While autumn’s falling leaves are beautiful to look at, they can pose a serious driving danger as they begin to accumulate on the road.  They can leave the roadways slick and make it difficult to safely maneuver your vehicle.  Driving slowly through areas with a lot of fallen leaves and having fresh tires can reduce your chances of an auto accident.


While Halloween is a night of candy and costumes for younger children, teens are much more likely to prefer tricks to treats.  Unfortunately for car owners, more auto insurance claims are filed during Halloween than any other day of the year.  In fact, the chances of your car getting vandalized actually doubles on Halloween night.  Common claims filed include slashed ties, smashed windows, and scratched paint.

Fall is a great time to contact your insurance agency and make sure your coverage is up to date.  With all the hazards that fall brings, it’s important that you have the protection you need.  This fall, contact Club Agency Insurance Brokerage in Garden City, New York for assistance with your auto policy.

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