Baseball Bust Your Window?

Baseball Bust Your Window?

Baseball through broken glass window.


Comprehensive Coverage Can Protect You At The Ballpark

Baseball season is kicking (or, batting?) into full swing. While the Major Leaguers are kicking off yet another marathon season, your kids—or even you yourself—might be taking to the baseball diamond. America’s favorite pastime is the perfect way to get outside and get moving this spring.

What happens, though, when your teammate tips a foul ball into the parking lot, where it smashes into your car windshield, shattering it? Not only does a shattered windshield make your car impossible to drive because of the lack of visibility, it could also leaving you facing the huge headache and expense of getting that windshield replaced.

Fortunately, while you cannot rewind the clock and un-shatter your windshield, you can ensure that you do not end up footing the bill for your windshield replacement. Comprehensive coverage will safeguard your wallet, as it covers damages caused to your car. This type of coverage will protect your vehicle from theft, fire, vandalism, damages related to weather or caused by hitting an animal, and will cover your glass. That means that a baseball smashing through your windshield, while annoying, does not have to become a major expense for you if you carry comprehensive coverage.

To ensure your glass coverage will protect you in all instances, talk with your insurance agent. He or she will be able to ensure that your windshield is protected while in the parking lot and cruising down the road.

Your car deserves to be protected through baseball season and beyond. For the comprehensive coverage you need to be fully safeguarded, contact Club Agency in Garden City, New York. Our team of expert agents is here to help you get the auto insurance you need to ensure a foul ball does not run your spring afoul.

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