Pumpkins And Apples – The Best Part Of Fall!

Pumpkins And Apples – The Best Part Of Fall!


Fall Produce Tips

One of the best ways to take advantage of the fall season is to head out and pick your own pumpkins and apples! These favorite fall produce items can not only allow you to enjoy the flavor of the season, but they also come with many health benefits. Both pumpkins and apples are a great source of fiber, which can help to reduce your risk for certain diseases, including cancer and diabetes.

Keep these apple and pumpkin picking tips in mind to take full advantage of the season.Cart full of apples after picking in orchard

When choosing the perfect apples:

Look for apples that are free of any bruises or blemishes. Apples should feel firm and heavy and have smooth skin without any protruding marks. The skin of apples contains the most fiber, so try and leave it on when cooking with apples. Baking apples will help to make the skin much softer. You can also add apples into stews to enjoy all the health benefits.

When looking for the perfect pumpkin:

Choose a pumpkin that has a solid, deep orange color. When comparing pumpkins that are similar in size, choose the heavier pumpkin to enjoy more edible flesh. Pumpkins with soft spots on the rind should be avoided. There are many ways to enjoy pumpkins this season, from pureeing them for a pie filling or simply roasting them with a little cinnamon. Keep in mind that you can prepare small pumpkins in the same way that you would a zucchini or squash.

All of us at ClubAgency Insurance Brokerage in Garden City, New York would like to encourage you to add extra apples and pumpkins into your diet this season to start feeling your best.

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