Business Insurance: Check Out These Additional Type Of Policies!

Business Insurance: Check Out These Additional Type Of Policies!

Additional Type Of Business Insurance Policies

Give your business added protection with these additional types of business insurance!

From liability insurance to property insurance, it’s important to keep your business safe. However, your business may be faced with disasters that your insurance doesn’t cover. Make sure to cover all your bases when it comes to your business, and check out these additional types of business insurance.

Home Business.

Working from home? When you work from home, you’re not only vulnerable to home disasters, but also business disasters. While you may have home insurance, it won’t give you the coverage you need for your business. Should your company data suffer damage or should a client slip and fall at your home, you’ll need home business insurance to give you proper coverage.

Business Life.

Every small business has that one stellar employee who is the heart and soul of the company. Should you lose that person, your business would collapse. Ensure that your business is protected with business life insurance. Should that one employee pass away, this coverage will give your company the support it needs to stay afloat.

Cyber Liability.

Nowadays, a computer is a necessary business tool. While technology may benefit your business, it also increases your business risk. Sensitive data and company records are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Should you lose your business information or should your client data be compromised, you need cyber liability insurance for added business protection.

Tax Opinion Liability.

About to make a major business transaction? Unless you can confirm how the transaction will affect your company taxes, it’s a good idea to invest in tax opinion liability insurance. It’s a one-time policy that you buy before you make a major transaction. It protects you from hefty tax burdens should you need to pay up after such a large transition.

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