What Home Insurance Covers When It Comes to Internal Damages

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What Home Insurance Covers When It Comes to Internal Damages

Can your home insurance policy protect against internal damages?

When you think about your home insurance coverage, you probably imagine it in relation to unexpected perils such as fire or theft.  However, what happens if your home and belongings are damaged by issues inside the home?  Here’s what you need to know about your homeowners insurance coverage in relation to internal home damages.

  • Water Damage

Your home insurance may offer coverage for water damage, depending on how the damage occurred.  For instance, if water damage is the result of an unforeseen issue, such as a burst pipe, then your policy will likely offer coverage.  If water damage is caused by a faulty appliance, then your policy will probably cover the damage, but will not pay to repair or replace the appliance.  Water damage caused by neglect or gradual issues will not be covered by your insurance.  Water damage caused by sewer backup and floods is also excluded from coverage.

  • Pet Damage

Typically, your homeowners insurance will not cover any damage that your pet has caused to your home or personal belongings.  Most standard home policies specifically exclude coverage for damages caused by pets or domestic animals (including insects and rodents).  However, the personal liability portion of your home insurance will offer coverage for the damage or injuries that your pet causes to a third-party.

  • Broken Appliances

Your homeowners insurance will offer coverage for broken appliances if they were damaged during a covered peril, such as a storm or fire.  If an appliance breaks down due to lack of maintenance, then your insurance may cover damage to your property and belongings, but it will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing the faulty appliance.  Your home insurance will also not cover the cost of repairing or replacing appliances that breakdown due to mechanical failures.  This coverage can be secured through a home warranty instead.

These are some of the most common types of internal damage and whether or not they are covered by your home insurance.  Do you have additional questions about your homeowners insurance?  If so, then contact the experts at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage in Garden City, New York.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your coverage needs today.

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