Share These Thanksgiving Fun Facts at Your Holiday Table!

Thanksgiving Fun Facts to Share at Your Holiday Table

Share These Thanksgiving Fun Facts at Your Holiday Table!

Check out these Thanksgiving fun facts to share during your celebration!

Thanksgiving is full of fun! From holiday parades to a delicious holiday meal to an afternoon spent watching football, there are plenty of exciting holiday traditions to partake in. But, have you ever wondered about the history of the holiday and where some of our beloved traditions come from? Check out these Thanksgiving fun facts to share at your holiday table.

All About Turkeys.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, turkeys are a holiday staple. But, have you ever wondered about where these birds come from? Indigenous to the America, the turkey, was first eaten by the Spanish explorers. When these birds were brought to Europe, they were thought to taste like the guinea fowls that accompanied the Turks when they arrived in Europe. The American bird was thus dubbed ‘turkey’ and the name stuck. Today, male turkeys are called toms and females are called hens.

American History & the Turkey.

The Turkey has played a significant role in the foundation of the United States. Largely supported by Benjamin Franklin, the turkey was in the running to be the national bird along with the bald eagle.

Not Just an American Holiday.

The US isn’t the only nation that celebrates Thanksgiving. Canada also has a day to celebrate. However, instead of celebrating during the last Thursday in November, Canada celebrates the holiday on the second Monday of October.

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