Don’t Let Allergy Season Get The Best Of You! Check Out These Prevention Tips To Alleviate Your Symptoms

Don’t Let Allergy Season Get The Best Of You! Check Out These Prevention Tips To Alleviate Your Symptoms

Seasonal Allergy Prevention Tips

Prevent your seasonal allergies from flare-ups with these tips!

Along with the warmer weather and longer days, spring comes with sniffles and sneezes. All the new flowers and plants stir up pollen in the air that aggravate your seasonal allergies. Don’t let allergy season get you down! Check out these ways that you can lower your risk of experiencing symptoms.

Monitor the pollen count.

When it comes to seasonal allergies, pollen is a huge factor in a flare up. During the spring, be sure to keep a watchful eye on the pollen count. Some days will be better than others, but this information can help you plan your day accordingly. You can check out the daily pollen count in your area through the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology’s National Allergy Bureau.


Drier air helps to keep your allergies in check. The drier the air the better. Invest in a dehumidifier and be sure to keep your air at humidity levels of less than 60 percent.

Wash up before bed.

When you venture out into the world, pollen sticks to you. It sticks to your hair, your skin, and your clothing. When you come home, be sure to take off your shoes at the door, and change your clothes. But most importantly, be sure to shower before bed. Since pollen sticks to your hair, when you hop into bed without showering you spread pollen all over your pillow which you then gets on your face and aggravates your allergies.

Keep your windows closed.  

You want to keep as much pollen out of your home as possible. Make sure to close up the windows and use the air conditioning to stay cool.

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