Safety Tips for Nighttime Driving

Safety Tips for Nighttime Driving

Safety Tips for Nighttime Driving

Try out these safety suggestions for driving after dark.

As we get deeper into fall, the sun seems to set earlier and earlier. This means you will likely spend more time driving in the dark. Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with driving after dark. Make sure you stay safe by employing these strategies.

Use Your Headlights

While this might seem obvious, many drivers forget to switch on their headlights as daylight wanes. However, it’s important to remember that headlights improve your visibility as well as help other drivers and pedestrians see your vehicle. When using your headlights, be careful not to activate your high beams; the intense brightness can temporarily blind oncoming drivers and can pose a danger to them.

Drive Defensively

When you drive at night, your visibility is compromised, making you less likely to see driving hazards early on. Rather than being caught by surprise and reacting in an unsafe manner, slow down and increase your following distance when night falls. This way you will give yourself more time to scan the area for hazards and leave yourself enough time to safely react to surprise threats.

Stay Alert

Our bodies are hardwired to sleep at night. This means that we automatically become drowsy when it gets dark outside. However, driving while drowsy is just as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol. If you know that you have to drive after dark, drink a caffeinated beverage or take other steps to help you stay alert. If you find yourself nodding off behind the wheel, it’s best to pull over and rest your eyes. Continuing to drive while you are sleepy could place yourself and innocent bystanders in grave danger.

These are some of the suggestions you should try to stay safe as you drive after dark. Want another way to stay safe as you drive? Make sure you have the proper auto insurance protections in place. For assistance with your car coverage needs, contact the experts at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage in Garden City, New York. We are ready to get you covered today.

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