Protect Your Pet With The Right Pet Insurance Policy

Protect Your Pet With The Right Pet Insurance Policy

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Pet Insurance

February 22nd is Walking the Dog Day, which is the best time to head outside with your furry friend and get some exercise. While the history of Walking the Dog Day is unknown, it is celebrated each February 22nd around the world.

Walking the Dog Day serves to remind people about the importance of exercise for both people and dogs. It is also the best time to reserve special time to bond with your pet. The holiday falls on a Sunday, which makes it the perfect reason to make the day a fun, family event. Ask your friends who do not have dogs to join in on your walk so they can also enjoy the day.

Along with regular exercise, taking your pooch for regular vet visits can help to ensure that they stay happy and healthy. While vet bills can easily reach hundreds of dollars, investing in a pet insurance policy can help to ensure that your furry friend does not empty your bank account. Pet insurance will help to make sure that you are able to get your pet the best care possible.

There are many benefits of investing in a pet insurance plan, including:

  • The ability to visit any veterinarian. Even emergency providers and specialists will be covered.
  • There are flexible plans that are available to ensure that you are able to invest in the right plan to fit your budget.
  • Plans are available for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets.

Contact Club Agency in Garden City, New York for all of your pet insurance needs. We work with VPI; the oldest and largest provider of pet insurance in the United States, to ensure that you find the right plans to keep your pets protected. Get your free quote to see how you can receive a 5 percent discount on your policy.

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