Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium with These 10 Tips

Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium with These 10 Tips

26f9b037-ec77-4910-b241-05165f2ea021While many factors of your auto insurance premium are out of your control, there are some factors that you do have control over. Lifestyle changes and habits are one of the many ways you can influence the price you pay each month. Consider making these 10 changes to reduce your auto insurance premium:

  1. Each vehicle has different risk factors depending on how much it would cost to repair or replace the car. Switching your car to one with less risks may help you with your high premium issue.
  2. Paying for your auto insurance at an annual rate rather than per month will get you a discount.
  3. Your driving record is the most important factor regarding the price of your auto insurance premium. Drive safe, and you’ll be thankful. Some insurance companies look back anywhere between three to five years when determining how to price your auto insurance policy.
  4. Cut down on the driving and you could lessen your monthly bill. If you move closer to your work, call your insurance provider and ask if they can offer you a discount. Those who drive more experience a heightened risk for danger and accidents so it makes sense that they pay more each month.
  5. Many are unaware of how their credit score affects their auto insurance premium. Your insurance company will look at your credit score to determine a price for you.
  6. Reducing your insurance coverage levels will significantly decrease the amount you pay each month. Speak with your insurance provider before making any drastic decisions to cut necessary coverage.
  7. Having an anti-theft device installed on your car offers increased protection which will lower your auto insurance premium.
  8. Bundle up to save with the same insurance provider for all of your insurance needs.
  9. Being a loyal customer for years with the same insurance provider will likely get you discounts.
  10. Increasing your deductible will lower your insurance premium. Likewise, increasing your insurance premium will reduce your deductible. Figure out which works best based on your unique needs.

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