Find Out How to Draft a Business Continuity Plan for Your Company

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Find Out How to Draft a Business Continuity Plan for Your Company

Be prepared for a disaster with a business continuity plan & business insurance.

Disasters can strike at any time. From fires to vandalism to blizzards, there are a variety of circumstances that can affect the operations of your business. You want to minimize any damage to your company, by drafting a business continuity plan. While disasters don’t happen every day, it’s important to be prepared. Check out these tips to help you prepare your business continuity plan.

Know your risk.

While you can’t predict disaster, it’s a good idea to brush up on which disasters your business is most vulnerable to. That way you can plan accordingly. Using a variety of data, list which disasters, both natural and man-made, that your business could face and how they put your employees, customers, vendors, and company operations at risk. When you’re aware of your risk, you’re better able to be prepared.

Know your business inside and out.

There are likely a few core functions and resources that would cripple your business if you lost them. Start by identifying the most important aspects of your business and rank them in order of importance. That way if a disaster strikes, you know where to start when getting back on your feet.

Keep up on regular maintenance.

Have your facility frequently inspected to avoid any issues down the line. If there are any leaky roofs or faulty electrical wirings, have them fixed right away. That way you reduce your risk of matters getting out of hand.

Practice your plan.

What good is a plan if you don’t know how to use it? Routinely review your plan. Make revisions, practice with your employees, and train new hires. The more prepared you are for a business interruption, the better your company will fare in a disaster.

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