Are Self-Driving Cars Here?

Are Self-Driving Cars Here?

Front side view of black car driving fast.

Autonomous Cars May Already Be Here

Autonomous cars have always been a thought of the future. However, self-driving cars are much closer than you think. Most of the new technology that is needed for cars to start driving themselves is already available, it is just a matter of which car company is going to put it all together and get the proper legislation passed to allow “driverless” cars on the road.

Many auto makers are looking at driverless cars as more of an evolution than revolution, since there are many vehicles that already have partial automation, including lane departure warnings, intelligent braking, and automatic parking. Improving on the technologies that are already available will help to cut down on the amount of congestion on the roads, since machines can follow rules more rigidly than humans. Motorists ignoring traffic rules cause most traffic jams, but that will not be an issue with self-driving cars.

Less congestion on the roads will lead to less stop and go driving, allowing you to maintain constant and smooth speeds to help improve efficiency. Self-driving cars may also have computers that can allow the greenest route to be taken, instead of the fastest, which can help the environment overall.

Self-driving cars will also give back hours of time to people. Since attention does not have to be spent on what is happening on the road, allowing them to use their commute time for other activities. Autonomous cars could even lead to a completely different streetscape, opening the road to “shared spaces” for both cars and people.

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