Energy Saving Opportunities Are Coming Your Way!

Energy Saving Opportunities Are Coming Your Way!

Take advantage of the newly deregulated energy market!

A heavily regulated energy market makes it hard for you to have any say in your usage. Up until now the only way to keep down energy costs was to reduce your consumption. However, you now have another option. You now have the option to set your own energy price. As energy deregulation has increased, you now have a new opportunity to take control of your energy. Check out these ways that energy deregulation can benefit your energy costs.

  • Deregulation increases market competition. Less regulation opens up the market to more suppliers, which means suppliers need to compete with one another. This works in your favor to give your more options.
  • Gives you greater flexibility and freedom. Because you have more options, you have greater flexibility and freedom to shop around to find the energy strategy that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Guaranteed transmission and reliability. Distribution of power is regulated by the PUC, which will guarantee reliability and transmission. That way you don’t have to worry about getting your energy.
  • Protected prices. Because the lessened regulation is a new, the market has certain safeguards in place to protect the emerging market from any risk of market volatility. Your price is protected so you won’t have to worry about unstable pricing.
  • Opportunity for savings. More competition can lower prices. You have a greater chance of getting a great deal on your energy strategy. Plus, you may even have an opportunity to save on certain taxes.

For more information about taking advantage of the new open energy market, contact the professionals at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage. They new have the ability to help you navigate through the ever-changing market.

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