Should You Allow Dogs on the Premises of Your Brewery?

Should You Allow Dogs on the Premises of Your Brewery?

Should You Allow Dogs on the Premises of Your Brewery?

Find out how allowing dogs at your brewery or distillery affects your business.

As an animal lover, your dog is part of the family. They’re your loyal companions that travel everywhere with you. However, when it comes to public spaces, your dog may not be as welcome as you might have thought. When it comes to breweries and distilleries, consider how allowing furry friends on the property affects your business.

Increased Liability.

While many pets are well tempered, sometimes accidents happen. Dogs are living breathing creatures with a mind of their own, making them unpredictable. In a new environment with new people, a dog may become startled and react negatively to the situation. Should the incident cause harm to any of your patrons, you could be liable for the damages. Before you allow dogs on your property, ensure that you’ve weighed the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your business.

Health & Safety.

Despite your love for your dog, bringing your pet to a location that serves food and drink may pose health hazards. Local health regulations may prohibit animals on the premises to keep patrons safe from any mishaps. Review all your local and state legislation to determine if dogs are allowed on your property.

Making All Patrons Feel Welcome.

When deciding whether to allow dogs in your brewery, it’s important to bear in mind that not everyone is an animal lover. Whether it’s due to allergies or fear, having dogs on the premises may make guests uncomfortable. Be mindful of making all your patrons feel welcome.

When it comes to keeping your brewery secure, take the necessary precautions. Be wary of accepting dogs at your brewery and distillery, and protect your brewery with the right brewery insurance coverage. The professionals at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage can help you with all your insurance needs! Located in Garden City, New York, contact us for more information.

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