Affordable Valentines Day Date Ideas

Affordable Valentines Day Date Ideas

Affordable Valentines Day Ideas

Unique and affordable Valentine’s Day date ideas!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive, and sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on extravagance. Check out these unique ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Visit a local museum.

From art to entomology, museums allow you the opportunity to stumble upon all sorts of new and interesting information. Check out a local museum with your sweetheart to make Valentine’s Day memories. Plus, lots of museums offer free or discounted admission depending on the day you visit.

Make your own Valentine’s Day meal.

Why go out to a fancy restaurant when you can stay in? Celebrate Valentine’s Day by cooking together. You’ll enjoy a lovely meal and share a unique culinary experience together. It’s sure to be more fun and memorable than going out to eat!

Explore the “last frontier”.

Go stargazing together. Don’t have a telescope? No problem! There are lots of constellations that you can see with the naked eye. Plan ahead and choose which constellations you want to look at, or download an app and wing it. Just be sure to pack plenty of blankets and stock up on hot chocolate.

Take movie night to your living room.

There are too many crowds on Valentine’s Day. Skip all the hustle and bustle and stay home to watch a movie. Get the popcorn and Netflix ready!

Make it personal.

Part of what makes your relationship special is that it’s unique to you! Use that to your advantage when deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day. Decide to do something personal. Make a scavenger hunt for your S.O. that highlights your relationship’s highs. Or make a memory box of all the great times you’ve spent together.

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