5 Ocean/Watersport Safety Tips

5 Ocean/Watersport Safety Tips

LWhile a watercraft can provide ample fun and memories, it is important that you follow the necessary safety procedures to ensure your water fun is memorable for the right reasons. Many people are unaware of the dangers of water sports, however, there are around 3,000-4,000 water sport-related deaths in a given year. Consider these 5 helpful tips to make for a memorable, safe summer:

  1. Most importantly, everyone that will be near a large body of water should know how to swim. If you will be inviting friends and family on your trip, make sure that everyone knows how to swim or is wearing the proper floatation device.
  2. Even if you know how to swim, your chances of surviving a boating or watercraft accident increases if you are wearing a life jacket. You are required by law to have a life jacket on board for everyone on your watercraft or boat.
  3. While it may sound relaxing to go out on the water by yourself, it is smart to always travel in the water with someone in case of an emergency. The buddy system is always your safest bet.
  4. If you will be at the beach, be sure to choose a safe spot closest to a lifeguard tower. Refrain from choosing a beach without a lifeguard on duty. If you are ever worried or need help, wave your arms to signal you are in need of help.
  5. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and always take the safer, smarter choice.

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