Your Auto Insurance Quote Explained! The Reasoning Behind The Number

Your Auto Insurance Quote Explained! The Reasoning Behind The Number

Your Auto Insurance Quote Explained

Learn how to decode your auto insurance quote!

As a driver, you need auto insurance. Not only is it against the law to not have insurance, but it can protect you from costly damage and liabilities. Finding car insurance, however, isn’t quite so easy. With various policies and levels of coverage, it can be hard to pick a policy that works best for you. As you start on your journey to finding the right car insurance, be sure to get at least three quotes. However, decoding your quote isn’t much easier than finding a policy. Check out this guide to understanding your auto insurance quote.

  • The younger you are, the less driving experience you have. Because a younger individual doesn’t have much expertise, they have a greater risk for involvement in an accident. Therefore, the younger you are, the higher your insurance quote will be. As an experienced driver, expect to see lower rates.
  • Statistically speaking, men tend to take more risks than women. Because of this risky behavior, men are more likely to be involved in a vehicular accident. This trend translates to higher insurance rates for men than for women.
  • The more you drive, the more time you spend on the road. The more time you spend on the road, the greater likelihood you have of getting into an accident. If your driving habits are more frequent than the average person, expect to see a higher premium.
  • Safety Features. When it comes to your vehicle, safety features can help save you money. If your car has all the latest and greatest safety features, you’re more likely to sustain fewer injuries and less damage than if you were to be driving an older car. Thus, you then get a lower insurance rate.
  • Driving History. If you have any tickets or records of an accident, your insurance may be higher because you’ve demonstrated that you take more risks.

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