Upgrade Your Coverage Too Keep Your Valuables Safe & Secure

Upgrade Your Coverage Too Keep Your Valuables Safe & Secure

Valuable Item Insurance

Make sure your valuable items are protected with the right insurance!

You’ve purchased a home and have done everything you’re supposed to do. You’ve installed all the latest security systems, you’ve bought home insurance coverage, and you even have Fido, your trusty guard dog. But, despite all the precautions you’ve taken, your possessions may still be at risk.

Most homeowners insurance policies only cover the structure of your home or provide a limited amount of coverage to your personal belongings. Your clothes, furniture, and appliances add up quickly, leaving no room for coverage for your valuable items. Jewelry, fine art, electronics, and your priceless baseball card collection are all at risk. Make sure to take out an additional valuable item policy to ensure that your pricey items are protected. While specifics depend on the policy you choose, check out these benefits of valuable item coverage.

  • Broader Coverage. While your homeowners insurance already gives you quite a bit of coverage, a valuable item policy offers higher policy limits and coverage for more instances of damage. Additionally, you can extend your policy to cover breakage.
  • Coverage Abroad. Have no fear while you’re cruising the Mediterranean or any other place for that matter. As you jet set around the world, your valuable items are covered. Typically, the only exception to this rule is artwork. They’re only covered in the US and Canada.
  • Coverage for Newly Acquired Property. When you’re out on your next shopping trip and you buy a new watch on a whim, your valuable item policy is covered automatically. Just be sure to notify your agent soon as the automatic coverage only extends for 30 days.

Make sure you don’t put your valuables at risk. Be sure to invest in a valuable items policy. The professionals at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage can help you with all your insurance needs! Located in Garden City, New York, contact us for more information.

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