How Tree Removal Service Impacts Home Insurance

Tree removal impact

How Tree Removal Service Impacts Home Insurance

By all accounts, trees help increase a home’s value. Many homeowners look for neighborhoods populated with trees when choosing a place to stay. However, there are a few complications to consider. When inclement weather and other disasters strike, trees can cause serious damage to your home. At some point, you may decide to have your trees cut or removed completely. Perhaps you plan to have your trees removed, but you are unsure how that may impact your home insurance policy. Here’s a closer look at the tree removal process under homeowners insurance.

  • Does Home Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

    There are a few scenarios when home insurance does cover the costs associated with tree removal. If the tree snaps and damages your roof, garage or lands in your driveway, home insurance will cover you up to your policy limit. However, each scenario is viewed on a case-by-case basis. If the tree damages your home due to another reason, instead of inclement weather, you may not be covered. You should look through your insurance policy to see what’s covered.

  • Possible Exclusions

    Several scenarios exist when a tree removal service is excluded from your policy. Your insurer could deny the claim if the tree falls due to a flood or earthquake. However, the most common reason for denial is a lack of proper maintenance. It’s important that you take care of your tree. A lack of proper maintenance could cause your tree to fall due to erosion. If your tree becomes a liability because of its current condition, you’ll be left responsible for removing it.

  • Potential Property Damage

    Most cases, your neighbor’s insurance will step in if your tree falls on their property. However, you will be held responsible if you don’t take care of your tree and recognize it as a liability. Your neighbor could sue you for negligence because you were aware of the potential damages your dead tree could cause in the future.

  • Policy Limits

    You should carefully review your policy regarding homeowners insurance tree removal. Some insurers only provide coverage based on a percentage of the total loss. That may leave you on the hook for covering the remaining balance once you’ve reached your policy limits. You may be able to raise your policy limits by adding an endorsement. Adding an endorsement is recommended if you have several trees on your property.

  • Things To Consider

    If you have noticed that your tree is hanging over your roof, that’s a clear sign that it needs to be trimmed. In addition to possibly damaging your roof, a loose tree could damage your siding and power lines. Rain may come through if the tree starts shaking during a heavy storm and cause interior damage. In some cases, removing the tree and having clear space around your home may be more convenient.

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In most cases, you should at least have some protection in your home insurance policy for tree removal services. However, it’s important that you take care of your tree so you’ll be covered if an accident happens. If you have any questions about home insurance, contact us to get answers to your questions with our professional experts at Club Agency today! We are available to assist you with the best solutions from Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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