Who Does My Car Insurance Cover?

Who Does My Car Insurance Cover?

Who Does My Car Insurance Cover?

Find out who is protected under your auto policy.

Before you lend out your car, it’s important to know who is covered under your car insurance.  Not clear about who has coverage under your policy?  Don’t worry; this is a question that many drivers have.  Here is a general outline of who is covered under your auto policy.

Immediate Family

Generally, the people who are living under the same roof as you are protected under your auto policy.  This means that your spouse, children, and siblings are usually safe to use your vehicle, so long as they have a valid driver’s license.

Extended Family and Friends

Usually, extended family members (such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin) and friends are covered by your policy due to the rule of permissive use.  This rule essentially means that a driver is protected by your policy so long as they have your permission to use your vehicle.  However, be aware that this only applies when your family members or friends use your car for short, infrequent periods of time.  Additionally, it’s important to know that in an accident, your extended family members and friends will have lower liability limits than someone who is explicitly named on your policy.

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

If you and your significant other live apart, then they are likely covered under permissive use much like your other friends.  However, if you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are living together, then this changes things a bit.  The best way to ensure that they are covered is by explicitly listing them on your auto policy.

These are the people who are covered by your car insurance policy.  Do you still have questions regarding your auto coverage?  Then don’t hesitate to contact us at Club Agency Insurance Brokerage.  Located in Garden City, New York, our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.

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