Simple Tips To Stay Safe While Grilling This Summer

Simple Tips To Stay Safe While Grilling This Summer

Summer Barbecue

BBQ Safety 101

There are few better ways to enjoy the spring and summer weather than with a backyard BBQ. While grilling up your favorite dishes leads to a delicious meal, it can also mean serious danger. Keep these BBQ safety tips in mind to ensure that you and your family stay safe this season.

  • Check the local laws – make sure that a backyard BBQ does not lead to an expensive ticket. Check with your local city regulations and homeowners association to find out if there are any specific rules that you have to follow when grilling.
  • Look for leaks – if you are using a gas grill, check to make sure that the gas is not leaking out. Rub a solution of water and dish soap on the hoses and connection. Turn on the gas with the lid open, and watch for bubbles. Any bubbles are a sign that there is a loose connection or a hole, which could mean serious trouble.
  • Give yourself enough room – make sure that you are at least 10 feet away from any flammable items, including decks and low hanging trees. Do not allow children or pets to play around a lit BBQ to ensure that they are not injured.
  • Be prepared – always keep a fire extinguisher nearby when grilling. For small flare ups, you may also want to keep a spray bottle with water nearby. For large flames, use the fire extinguisher or baking soda to get the fire under control. Also, keep your cell phone on you in case the flames get too big to handle and you have to call the fire department.

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