5 Ocean/Watersport Safety Tips

While a watercraft can provide ample fun and memories, it is important that you follow the necessary safety procedures to ensure your water fun is memorable for the right reasons. Many people are unaware of the dangers of water sports, however, there are around 3,000-4,000...

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5 New York Summer Heat Safety Tips

Summer temperatures in New York are continuing to rise and it is becoming increasingly more important for you to protect your most important investment, your body, from the heat. Compiled is a list of 5 tips to prevent heat-related illnesses, so you can fully enjoy...

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Essentials of Flood Preparedness

Despite popular belief, floods are not covered under the typical homeowners’ insurance policy and a separate policy is necessary for flood coverage. Once you adopt a flood insurance policy, there are multiple safety precautions you should take to prepare yourself and to recover in a...

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Life Insurance 101

Life insurance can be an overwhelming and confusing topic for many. If anyone depends on you financially, life insurance is crucial. Life insurance will help your dependents take care of any final expenses, outstanding medical bills, or any debt. In the event of your unexpected...

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COVID-19 Update:

At RMS and associated firms, business continues as usual. Our staff is remote-capable and available to handle all partners, brokers, and insureds at the present time. Contact us today!Executive Order for Policyholder Payments